Our Lessons for Life after Covid 19 in Iran

There will be huge changes in life after Covid 19 in Iran. A lot has been advised to be observed in our everyday lives. Everyone follows them for the sake of their wellbeing and health. It’s a matter of life and death. So, several aspects of our social life, as well as economic life, have already gone through major shocks.

Life after Covid 19 will not be the same in Iran, like other parts of the world. Is it good or bad? Well, one can argue it can be either this or that. However, there are certain lessons to be learned without a doubt. I just hope people use their common sense to follow what’s best for all of us, human beings, animals, plants, and our planet!

Essential Lessons to Remember for Life after Covid 19 in Iran

1. We should observe physical distancing, which used to be called social distancing until recently. Personal space in Iran used to be closer than some could tolerate, but it continued as Iranian courtesy did not allow anyone to offend others by mentioning it to them. Now, it is a serious matter. So, people frown at each other if it happens.

Iran has spent the Covid 19 Pandemic through its New Year, Nowruz. It’s a time for socializing, visiting friends and relatives. Families reunite and meet each other. They all hug and kiss each other 2-3 times on the chicks. This year, nothing happened. It’s against all the traditions we’ve had for centuries. I must say, most of Iranians, who abide by the traditions, have followed the health organizations’ guidelines.

2. We should wash our hands more often and more properly. Some health organizations had distributed guidelines and infographics on “how to properly wash our hands” and placed them on public toilets here and there. People cared less as they thought they knew how to do it. Now, they tell each other how it must be done! We should consider these matters seriously.

درباره مولف

سلام به عاشقان سفر بنیامین رضایی هستم متولد تیر ماه سال 1364، در کرج به دنیا اومدم. فارغ تحصیل رشته گردشگری هستم و تا امروز به بیش از 55 کشور سفر کردم من در تابستان سال 1398 بزرگ ترین ریسک زندگیم رو انجام دادم و با ماشین شخصیم سفر دور اروپا رو شروع کردم اگه توام سفرنامه جالبی داری حتما از طریق این صفحه برام بنوسش تا بین عاشقان سفر به اشتراک بذارمش.

نظرت برام مهمه، بنویسش لطفا