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Greetings to all travel and adventure lovers !

 Benyamin Marco  or ben marco is a ( Mahdi Rezaei) travel writer and travel documentary maker who traveled more than 400 cities in more than 57 countries
( one one city in iran) he  was born in July 1984, in Karaj .
first he began to study physical education at university ,then later he found his intreset to continue my education in the field of tourism , until today benyamin rezaei traveled To more than 57 countries in 4 different continents. Being Adventurous has always been and will always be a part of benyamin marco life! if he  had money or not ,he had always the dream of being a world traveler one day!
In the summer of 2019,benyamin  took the biggest risk of his life: benyamin  started traveling around Europe with his private car, "a 207  Peugeot".
benyamin rezaei is  the first iranian person who could reach the farthest zone in Europ:"The Strait of Gibraltar"after 48 days ,driving an Iranian car.

tis is benyamin rezaei moto: 
Travel. Be dventurous !pray !See the world through your own eyes!

درباره مولف

سلام به عاشقان سفر بنیامین رضایی هستم متولد تیر ماه سال 1364، در کرج به دنیا اومدم. فارغ تحصیل رشته گردشگری هستم و تا امروز به بیش از 55 کشور سفر کردم من در تابستان سال 1398 بزرگ ترین ریسک زندگیم رو انجام دادم و با ماشین شخصیم سفر دور اروپا رو شروع کردم اگه توام سفرنامه جالبی داری حتما از طریق این صفحه برام بنوسش تا بین عاشقان سفر به اشتراک بذارمش.

نظرت برام مهمه، بنویسش لطفا